As a Life-Cycle Celebrant and aspiring Interfaith Minister I treasure the magnificent variety of symbols and stories through which we express our connection to each other, the Creation and the Divine.  So this year I thought it would be fun to make a commitment to visit and experience as many Asheville area faith communities as I can and share my impressions and experiences here on this blog.

I’m not promising that this journal will be a fair and balanced representation of Asheville’s faith community.  There are many churches I won’t visit this year.  I prefer churches that focus on Love rather than fear.  So I’m not likely to attend churches that adhere to a strict and literal interpretation of scripture. Though if the invitation comes from a friend or neighbor I hold in high regard I can usually enjoy even traditional churches with an open heart.  I like spiritual communities that hold a commitment to justice, peace and compassion.  And I like it when the music is joyful.

I’ll also include posts about other Inter-faith and spiritual events I attend.

If you enjoyed something at church some morning or felt moved by the connections you experienced at a spiritual gathering, please feel welcome to leave a comment.

My best,

Michelle, the Asheville Celebrant

Michelle Smith, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant


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  1. I am actually relocating to Asheville in June 2011. I am really excited about finding a faith community. I have been enjoying your post and will visit many of these on my monthly trips to the region.

    May Peace be with you on this journey.


  2. themichellesmith says:

    Thanks so much for reaching out. It was my hope that this blog would be useful to others as well as fun for me.

    Let’s be in touch as you make your way to Asheville. Let me know if I can help or answer questions.

    Besides my Celebrant practice, I am also a non-profit consultant. I’m pulling together my web presence now but here is a link that gives an over view of my professional life. http://themichellesmith.wordpress.com/consulting/
    So we have lots in common!

    Thanks again for taking time to comment.

    my best,

  3. Michelle, that was a beautiful treatment of the Sunday morning experience at JUBILEE! Will you give me permission to reprint portions of this piece for our JUBILEE! publication called, “Vision?”

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